Augment Your Team, selecting one of the models below:

  • Dedicated Team
  • You have a long-term, complex project with future plans to expand your business?

    This is the best option for your needs as:

    • Full control of the budget and predictable costs.
    • Hiring a dedicated team is less costly than maintaining an in-house staff.
    • Engineers has complete focus on your project and usually have worked before together.
    • Our dedicated teams have a very low attrition rate which is good for any types of projects.

  • Time and Materials
  • This is the flexibility you are looking for – as you are only paying a set amount of team hours.

    It allows you to steer the wheel and increase the speed when necessary.

    This is the best choice also when you simply can’t estimate the scope of your final project or your initial requirements are still under the transformation.

  • Whatever model works for you, we know that transparent communication is paramount to success:

    • Us raising as many questions as required
    • You sharing all your ideas and suggestions from the beginning