Client Overview:
One of the biggest APAC construction market players in rental services – family-owned supplier of high quality equipment with 60+ years history and 100+ employees and 3 data centers across the globe. Customer’s key focus is to stay ahead of the curve with technology and security aspects.

Challenge: client was aiming to:

  • transform the equipment rental business, revolving this experience and transforming it to digital from semi-paper processed. 
  • deliver this e-service for both B2B and B2C, ensuring every customer, from a small “garage-based” company to a big giant, is helped and supplied with the right product
  • to create a seamless customer experience across every device for their customers.
  • Integrate product inventory that would be specific to the location of the warehouse selected to be picked from

Solution: to address the challenges a brand new workflow process has been developed.

Magento 2 was selected as a core platform to build the system on, together with the custom extensions built for renting process i.e. not just one-sided trading of the equipment from Company to the Client as a main activity eCommerce platforms are usually aimed on – but:

  • Control process to proof the equipment’s condition, 
  • Paper signing – i.e. agreements on Return Date stated and penalties, additional details re: Delivery etc
  • Equipment Return process
  • Location-based offer – the first actions any client has to perform is to indicate the ZIP code, it gives the understanding of the inventory to showcase 
  • All the paper process has been  digitalized – invoices, credit notes, statements and payments are made online
  • Clear understanding of the pipeline – the user would be highlighted which items require additional supply units, certificates to proof the license to operate, lorry trucks to carry on the equipment etc
  • Simplified prolongation service – this is now just a single-click action to continue the contract running for the same conditions it was initially signed but for another time to finalize the construction job. 

Outcome: Customer got an overall growth of the revenue and client turnaround based on the improvements made:

  • Improved User Experience and the overall speed of the process  (up to 40%) – customers can now select from helmet to a forklift from any device they are using — mobile or desktop. This significantly changes the process – and attracts new customers (DIY specialists, construction companies and renovation experts)
  • No need to visit the office located e.g. on the other side of the city / area – this adds extra clients, especially the ones who were unhappy with long processing of the order beforehand (as it significantly saves their time now).
  • No paper process – boxed equipment is ready for pickup at the warehouse or delivered to the address indicated with no paper forms to be printed out and physically signed